12 Things to Know Before Hiring a Lawn Care Company

1.  Liability Insurance.  Many lawn services do not carry liability insurances and therefor put their customers at risk.  A professional lawn care company should carry liability insurance.  If they happen to damage your property, their company or insurance will be liable, not you.

2.  Sharpening Blades.  Many lawn care companies don’t sharpen their mower blades often enough.  Sharpening mower blades is a small part in the over all effort to keep your lawn healthy. Dull blades have a tendency to rip grass blades instead of cutting cleanly, leaving grass susceptible to diseases. A sharp mower blade cuts grass blades clean so grass can recover quickly.

3.  Sales Tax.  The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts regulates that all lawn care services collect and pay sales and use tax.  If your lawn care company is not doing this, they are operating outside the guidelines of Texas Law.

4.  Legal Employees.  It is important that the people that service your lawn are legal citizens of the United States of America and that they contribute their fair share of taxes to the government just as you do.

5.  Low cost lawn care.  Be careful when hiring a lawn care company based on price alone. There are reasons they can offer a low price.  Some factors may include low cost equipment, less than quality employees or they aren’t paying income tax on the money they earn.

6.  Beware of over the phone estimating.  Ask for a free estimate.  Lawn care companies that quote a price without seeing your lawn can’t give you an accurate estimate.  A company should be willing to visit your home to provide you with an agreed upon fee.

7.  Ask about prices and what services are included.  Some companies work on verbal agreements that can be discontinued by the customer at any time.  Other companies require a yearly contact.  Yearly contracts typically propose a level price for 12 months of the year. Find out what happens if you have a problem between services.

8.  Get a written estimate.  Understand what services the company is proposing and the price that is attached to those services before the work starts.

9.  Beware of companies that dont back up there lawn care with a guarantee.

10. Know what you want from a lawn service.  Lawn care companies provide many services, so it is important to decide what services and products are appropriate for your needs and budget.

11. Check to see if you can save money by paying an annual fee up front. This method is more convenient than paying after each service.

12.  Scheduling is important.  A quality lawn care company should be able to tell you what day they will service your account weekly.  As a good client, you should  keep in mind that weather can change their schedule.  However, for the majority of weeks, your lawn care company should arrive on the same day.

All of these issues are important to Precision Turf.  Click HERE to read our responses to these 12 points.