Residential and Commercial Lawn Care • Landscape Installation • Flower Bed Maintenance • Mulching of Beds • Color Changes • Leaf Cleanup


Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Care Service

At Precision Turf, our primary goal is YOUR ultimate satisfaction.  Our staff is professional and efficient with the sole mission of providing you with an exceptional lawn care experience. Instead of spending countless weekend hours caring for your lawn, let Precision Turf handle the work while you enjoy your free time doing things you love.

Lawn Care Includes:
  • Clean uniform cut
  • Edging:
    • Sidewalks
    • Curbs
    • Driveways
  • Trimming around all exisiting landscape
  • Clearing of all clippings from sidewalks, driveways, etc.

**All services performed with top grade commercial lawn care equipment
***Pricing determined during free estimate

We understand that you may have had a bad experience in the past with a lawn care company. Click here to find out everything you need to know before hiring a lawn care company.

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Flower Bed Maintenance

Do you need to clean all those leaves out of your beds? What about getting rid of those pesky weeds in your flower beds? Both of these tasks can be daunting. Let Precision Turf do the job for you. We can get your landscaping back to the pristine condition it started in.

Mulching Of Beds

Re-mulching can take your landscaping from dud to stud in a day.  Red mulch or the rich brown color of newly applied shredded hardwood will make your landscaping pop like a balloon in a room full of needles.

We typically re-mulch our clients landscaping annually.  Mulching creates a great weed barrier, hold moisture in for plants, and some types of mulch are a great source of nutrients for your landscaping.  Check out the before and after pictures below to see the amazing difference of old and new mulch.



Color Changes

Why bother with annual flowers?  Annual flowers add a burst of color and excitement to the landscape and can complement the perennials in your landscaping.  We typically plant Pansies in the fall and Vincas in the Fall.  However, our customers are not limited to those two options.

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