Our Number One Goal is Your Ultimate Satisfaction.

Precision Turf specializes in lawn care, landscape maintenance, new landscape installation, flower installation, fall cleanup and other lawn care and landscape related services. We serve Longview, Hallsville, Marshall and the surrounding areas. The most important part of our business is you. In everything we do, we strive to provide an above quality service along with excellent communication so that our clients stay happy and well informed. Please feel free to contact us through our website, send us a message on Facebook, or give us a call if you have any questions or need an estimate for an upcoming job. We are excited about the possibility of working with you on your next project.

Precision Turf has been proudly meeting the lawn care and landscaping needs of our East Texas community since 2005.  Our company was previously named Texas Lawn Ranger, however we changed it to Precision Turf in 2013 to promote a more professional appeal.

Our main goal is to serve our clients.  We love the people of Longview and the surrounding area and want to be a positive influence on all that are around us and all that hire us.  We will always put the customer first.  Our company is small at this moment, however, it will grow.  As we grow with you, our values will stay the same.  We will always be respectful and fair to our lawn care and landscaping clients (and anybody for that matter).  We do our absolute best to inspire trust, loyalty, and confidence in our clients.  There is no place we would rather be and no people that we would rather serve.  We believe that there are no people in the world like East Texas people.

Speaking of East Texas people, I would like to tell you a story about how great our clients are. If you are still reading only to find out more about our company, you can quit now. Please call us if you have any more questions.  If you are still with us, the rest of this is purely for entertainment value.

We worked for a young woman for quite some time.  When I say young woman, I mean an elderly lady.  We have since been laid off from her account.  KEEP READING.  Her son-in-law started a lawn care business and naturally we relinquished the account to him.  I mean, who wouldn’t hire their own family to take care of their lawn.  Well some people wouldn’t but that is neither here nor there.  We worked for this lady for approximately 6 years.  Every week we arrived on a Thursday.  Every Thursday, she was there to greet us with a smile.  It usually took us about 30 minutes to complete her yard and when we were done, she would always have us a glass of ice cold sweet tea ready.  We would sit and talk for a few minutes each time and catch up on the weeks events over our glass of sweet tea and then we were off to the next account.  This sweet young at heart lady has and always will be a dear friend to us.  We still catch up from time to time and see each other around town.  There is no major hook here, no major punch line.  Just a consistently thoughtful sweet person caring about others.  That’s East Texas. That’s what we love.

This is just one example of many.  Working in East Texas is like working for family, just a bit more extended.  Community is important to us.  If you have any lawn care and landscaping needs, we would love to be of assistance.  If you have any questions or concerns about your current landscaping or lawn care, send us a message on Facebook.  If we can’t answer it, we will find someone who can.


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